Data Centre and Virtualization Services

Data Center Services

Datacenters are the backbone of effective IT operations. Managing them on a 24/7 basis is critical. Simplex provides support to different elements within a datacenter such as:

  • Systems Management Server and desktop management for mainframes and distributed systems
  • Network Management
  • Storage Management
  • Database Management Includes providing support to different database environments such as Oracle, Progress, DB2, Sybase and SQL server
  • Messaging Management Includes support to applications such as Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes
  • Web Infrastructure Management
  • Data Center migrations and rehosting


Common Data Center challenges our customers face:

  • Cost inefficiencies of server sprawl
  • Lower the overall cost of operating the data center
  • Managing storage and servers at remote offices is becoming more complex and expensive

As infrastructures have grown, expansion strategies have consisted of adding more servers. This situation is known as `server sprawl' and poses a costly set of problems for growing companies.

Why Virtualization?

Virtualization offers cost-effective means to address complex hardware and software management issues (underutilized equipment, high power and cooling costs, floor space limitations and proliferating administration requirements.) Strategies to reduce an organization's total hardware requirements, both in the data center and in remote locations, enable companies to:

  • Maximize hardware and software resources
  • Simplify management and maintenance tasks and
  • Decrease total cost of ownership (TCO)

Simplex designs and implements Virtualization solutions

Simplex offers virtualization solutions focused on server virtualization, application virtualization, and desktop virtualization. We work with our customers to understand their business needs and critically assess their current environment. Our expertise and breadth of industry experience allows us to offer our customer's best-of- solutions around virtualization technologies.

Why Simplex

Our relationships with customers transcend client-vendor paradigm and result in long-term mutually beneficial opportunities. Our focus is on enhancing client business value and enabling them to be more nimble, cost-effective and focused on growth.

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